James Madison and Edward Tiffin

The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage is pleased to announce the donation of a land grant certificate, dated August 15, 1814, signed by President James Madison and Edward Tiffin, Commissioner of the General Land Office. The purchaser of the land is believed to be the Peter Lanterman who served as a Private in the 19th Infantry, 3rd Brigade during the War of 1812. The land being purchased was part of land authorized by Congress for the “sale of the Lands of the United States in the Territory north west of the Ohio, and above the mouth of Kentucky river…” The certificate acknowledges payment in full for the land having been registered with the Canton office; transferring owners

One spinning wheel the same as the others?

Historians have not been able to pinpoint the who, when and where, so…once upon a time, sometime between 500 and 1,000 A. D., somewhere in China, Persia or India, a creative individual turned a spindle on its side, added a pulley and connected it to a drive wheel and…the spinning wheel was born. Simply stated, the spinning wheel is a tool designed to twist fiber into thread. All spinning wheels are based on a pulley system and contain almost identical parts, can be vertical or horizontal in alignment, powered by either the foot or hand. The wheel and pulley spinning system reached Europe sometime during the 12th Century. At the beginning of the 16th Century, a bobbin/flyer mechanism was ad

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