Flight From Washington - 1814

It's fun to come across old newspapers and other items when going through old files. In this case, the date is not on the newspaper clipping, but the typeface and age of paper seem to date to pre-1960. This article, titled "Dolly [Dolley] Madison's flight From the British," provides the reader with quite a bit of history. Salona was presented as the third place at which Mrs. Madison sought refuge. Later that evening, while seated at the dinner table, several "slaves rushed into the dining room crying 'Fire! Fire!'" Everyone rushed out to the back hill of the house and watched the burning of Washington. The next day, President Madison and his Cabinet left, but Dolley remained for sever

James Madison -- Why remember Madison?

Why remember Madison? Simplistically, we can say "Father of the Constitution," author of the Bill of Rights and his written political essays; as well as many behind the scenes writings and efforts for his contemporaries. Further, while he was unable to end slavery in the country through the Constitution, he laid the ground work for the future efforts and for the first time, had the enslaved noted as "people" rather than "property." The Library of Congress opened the Madison Building -- Madison's memorial on Capitol Hill on May 28, 1980. In conjunction with the inaugural exhibition, November 17, 1981 - May 31, 1982, they published the book James Madison and the Search for Nationhood, edite

Scrap Book?

Acts and Joint Resolutions Passed By The General Assembly of Virginia, 1876-77. Published in Richmond in 1877 and bound by W. E. Simons & Bro. The book originally belonged to "Jno F. King" of Orange, then "W. N. Green" of Shade, then "Thorn Hill." The book was used as a scrapbook (pp. 1-107 of 464) in which letters, cards and telegrams were glued onto the pages. The correspondence dates from 1901 into 1903. Unfortunately, this destructive (for the book!) practice was not uncommon in the mid-19th century into the 20th. In the mid-1800's a "book of scraps" began being published, leading to modern-day scrap-booking. However, during the Victorian Era, calling cards were collected in their own b

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