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The James Madison Memorial Foundation (dba The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage) complies with all laws governing 501(c)(3) exempt organizations including making available to the public certain annual returns and application filings with exempt status.


We are working on making these available online. Until such time, you may request them in person, or we can mail copies will to you. The Foundation will charge a small fee for copies and postage within IRS regulations.

Our Mission

The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage is dedicated to serving the community by collecting and preserving the artifacts and cultural heritage of 18th, 19th and 20th century Orange and the Piedmont of Virginia. To offer exhibits and other presentations that promote an awareness and appreciation of that heritage. To memorialize, in particular, James Madison of Orange County, fourth President of the United States, his life and times, and in his interest in and contributions to the fields of political theory and government, economics and agriculture.

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Our Board of Directors can have up to twelve members.  If you are interested in volunteering on our Board, please contact the

Museum Director at (540) 672-1776 or

Our Executive Board



Ms. Jess Cifizzari

Vice President 

Mr. Tom Matthes


Ms. Elizabeth McClanahan



Mr. Fred Stein, II

Board Members

Ms. Pamela Curtin

Mr. Davi Leventhal

Ms. Rebecca Stein

Mr. Bradley Toombs

Advisory Committee

Ms.  Joan Bergstrom

Ms. Lee Langston-Harrison

Ms. Margaret Johnston

Mr. Lee Wouters

Our Museum Staff

Ms. Carole White

Ms. Page Chauncey

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