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The Museum features four permanent exhibit rooms and one rotational exhibit that changes throughout the year.  "Presidents Room", "Black History Room", "Pre-Contact and Native Americans Room", and "Hall of Agriculture and Transportation" are permanent exhibits.  We also have a rotating exhibit room that changes every few months.   6,000 Square Feet of Treasures to Enjoy!

Airport pieces.jpg

Temporary Exhibit

Learn about the origins of our two airports, Gordonsville and Orange.

Pictured to the Left:

Manairco Airport Lighting Beacon, L-801 Rotating beacons were/are designed primarily for night operation as identification and location markers for airports.  Visibility 30-40 miles.  Candlepower 190,000-400,000.  This unit is still functioning and is on loan from the Orange Airport.


Analog Training Computers Inc., ATC-510 Personal Flight Simulator (1970s).  This is not quite the full unit which would include a pair of rudder pedals.  This unit still functions and is on loan from the Gordonsville Municipal Airport.

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