Madison's Campeche Chair
A gift from Madison's best friend, Thomas Jefferson in 1820, this was Madison's favorite seat in the house.
1787 Creamware
English ware decorated in Orange, Netherlands to commemorate the wedding of Prince William V of the House of Orange, to Princess Frederica Sophia Wilhelmia of Prussia. William V was the son of Prince William IV and Princess Ann of Hanover and in whose honor Orange [County] was created in 1734. At that time, Orange extended west to the Mississippi and North to the Great Lakes. Courtesy Estate of H. T. Peters, Jr.
Forgotten Patriots
This exhibit honors the 5,000 Black patriots, men and women, who found in the American Revolution. It is located in the Black History Room.
1732 Cube House
Manahoac Confederacy & Paleo
Enter a Virginia forest to learn about the Manahoac Confederacy that inhabited what we know as Orange County and the Paleo-Americans before them.
This small reticule (purse) with carved ivory relief was used between 1800 and 1820. Courtesy Mrs. V. T. Smith.
Pealing Bench
Hand-crafted bench for pealing fruits. Circa 1780-1820. Courtesy Mr. & Mrs. H. deJarnette.
Land Patent 1816 and 1880
Land patent originally written/signed during Madison's presidency (1816) and updated in 1880.
Madison Chest
Chest of drawers made by enslaved craftsmen at James Madison's Montpelier. Courtesy of Mrs. H. Dinwiddie, Jr.
Ivory Fan
Ivory fan painted with 18th Century scenes. Circa 1800-1850. Courtesy H. Burr
Dome Trunk
Dome or Hump-back trunk (Victorian into Edwardian Period). Courtesy A. Sanderson
Civil War Officer's Brazier or Lamp
Civil War officer's brazier or lamp. Courtesy D. Davis.
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The Museum features four permanent exhibit rooms and one rotational exhibit that changes throughout the year.  "Presidents Room", "Black History Room", "Pre-Contact and Native Americans Room", and "Hall of Agriculture and Transportation" are permanent exhibits.  We also have a rotating exhibit room that changes every few months.  

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