Dedication Ceremony will be announced in the near future.

Post-COVID has impacted delivery of needed structural items - however - we will keep you posted on our progress.


There is still time to be a part of this once in a lifetime project through your time, talents, skills, donating building supplies, landscaping, and/or funds.  The setting is a gift to our community from Foundation Forward.  Funds raised by other communities were paid forward for our setting. 


Funds we raise will offset the cost and any unused balance will be paid forward to the next community.

Polk County (Columbus) NC.jpeg

Setting in Polk County (Columbus), N.C.

Site is Ready_edited.jpg
Civil Rights Plaque.JPG
Boulder Front for Plaque.jpg

Groundwork (preparing the site) has been completed!  Our thanks to the Town of Orange for their invaluable assistance!  

Included in the Orange Setting:

the major Civil Rights Amendments to the Constitution.

Only in Orange - the 1924 Snyder/Indian Citizenship Act.  Boulder and funds for the plaque donated in honor of Helen Marie Taylor by Dr. Hal Young.

There is still time to order your Legacy Paver and/or become a Sponsor/Donor.

YES! I want to be a part of this once in a life-time project.
Sponsorships and legacy pavers are two great ways of being a permanent part of this amazing educational setting.

pavers front.jpg

Access * Education * Community

Access:  Not everyone has the ability to visit the original founding documents at the National Archives in Washington, DC. That’s why Foundation Forward, Inc. is aiming to build a Charters of Freedom setting in every county across America.

Education: Each Charters of Freedom setting is placed in a location central to the community with high visibility, high foot traffic, and easy access for school children and veterans. The Foundation also provide local schools with additional educational materials to encourage learning about U.S. history and civics. 


Community:  All Charters of Freedom settings are open 24/7 to the public and provide a location for communities to reflect, gather, and celebrate the United States and the men and women who have fought to protect our freedoms.