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Hours to Visit:
10 am - 5 pm
CLOSED Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years days.



Members Admitted Free

$10 per Adult (18+)

$6 Seniors, Military, 1st Responders

$3 per Child (6-17)


Parking - In addition to 3 spaces at the front door, parking is permitted on Caroline Street and on the museum lot off of Church Street.  On weekends, parking is available at the Orange County Historical Society lot.


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where is Mr. Madison's house?   
    3.9 miles - then I give directions.

  2. Where is a good place to eat?
    (Ask us, we can provide names of our local restaurants)

  3. What else is there to see or do in Orange? 
    Gordonsville's Civil War Exchange Hotel, Wilderness Battlefield trails, Grelen's Bistro, Trails and Gift Shops, Mosby's (if open), and of course Montpelier.  

  4. Do schools use this resource, I mean, the exhibits are really great.   
    We're always willing to support educators, from any county, and we do not charge admission for the students, so it's a very affordable learning day.

  5. Why is parking so scarce?   
    We're hoping to finish the side lot as a safe and functional parking lot, but do not have the funding at this time.  The problem is also that we're not on Main Street or immediately adjacent to the municipal parking lot; but it's close, so it's a nice stroll.

Most frequent comments after a visit:


1. This is quite a surprise; we thought it would be a one or two room tiny town museum; in and out in 15 minutes.

2. I cannot believe more people do not know of this place! 

3. I was really not expecting this huge collection!

4. What a gem!

5. I have to come back, I don't have time to explore everything.

6. I did not realize James Madison was so important.

7. Wow, Dolley Madison kind of created the First Lady position.

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