Annual Supporting Memberships:
Individual - $25.00
Family - $35.00
Friend - $100.00

Annual Donors

Donors of $50 enjoy free admission* for the year and an invitation to our annual Donor Appreciation event.

*Does not include the annual Antiques Appraisal Fair


Past authors include:  Philip Bigler ("Scandalous Son" - Dolley Madison's son, Payne Todd, "Tomb of The Unknown Soldier"); Henry Wiencek ("Washington and His Slaves", "Master of the Mountain"); Linda Salisbury ("The Sword and The Broom"), Dr. Alan Gropman ("The Air Force Integrates"); David Goetz ("Hell is Being A Republican; Ever the Gray Ghost: Colonel John Singleton Mosby and the Lincoln Conspiracies"); Carolyn Jones Elstner ("Dear Old Ellwood, A Home in the Wilderness"); Dr. Harold Young ("Stone Relations of the Last Ice Age").


Speakers:  Dr. Lynn Uzzell (Mrs. Madison) and John Hall (James Madison); Ralph Archbold (Benjamin Franklin); Frank Walker, Jr. ("George Washington and His Women", "Gold Mines in Orange, Virginia" and other topics); Jayne E. Blair (American Civil War topics);   Ann Miller (The Spotswood/Price House and "Bridges of Virginia"); Jim Belcher, came twice, "The USS Indianapolis" - a deep and personal history of the USS Indianapolis and its destruction, presented by a son of one of the survivors.



 2 Month Educational Program.  Tom Matthes (author, retired educator) "The Miracle Constitution" - 10 independent segments:  I The Miracle Constitution, II The Living Constitution, III The Classical Constitution, IV The Biblical Constitution,  V The National Constitution, VI The Federal Constitution,  VII The Republican Constitution, VIII The Deliberative Constitution, IX The Principled Constitution, and X The Future Constitution.  


Quilling Workshops.  The history of quilling and bi-monthly workshops creating quilled cards.


Themed Teas; guests are invited to dress in period costume if they'd like and a craft followed the tea.  


"Tea with Mrs. Madison" graciously hosted by Mrs. Madison (Dr. Lynn Uzzell).  

"Roaring 20's" - Guests dressed (optional) in 1920's styles.

"Edwardian Fashion" - Several of our Edwardian garments were on exhibit; floral tea hats were crafted.