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Scrap Book?

Acts and Joint Resolutions Passed By The General Assembly of Virginia, 1876-77. Published in Richmond in 1877 and bound by W. E. Simons & Bro. The book originally belonged to "Jno F. King" of Orange, then "W. N. Green" of Shade, then "Thorn Hill." The book was used as a scrapbook (pp. 1-107 of 464) in which letters, cards and telegrams were glued onto the pages. The correspondence dates from 1901 into 1903.

Unfortunately, this destructive (for the book!) practice was not uncommon in the mid-19th century into the 20th. In the mid-1800's a "book of scraps" began being published, leading to modern-day scrap-booking. However, during the Victorian Era, calling cards were collected in their own book; followed by greeting cards. It was predominantly a female activity. Calling cards and greeting cards were beautifully embossed or decorated, so there was a desire to preserve these works of art.

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