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Regaining Bits of Overlooked History

Every now and then, we are able to accept donations that belong to an often overlooked portion of local history, our Black-owned business community. There is a quaint looking building on Short Street across from the train depot and railroad tracks that used to be home to Matthews Taxi, then Coleman's Taxi services; both businesses owned by Black entrepreneurs. Native and life-long resident of Orange, 91 year old Mr. George Long confirmed this information recently. "D.C." are the initials believed to have been Mr. Matthews and I am researching further to try to get his story. The "Matthews Taxi" sign was still affixed on the Short Street building when purchased and then renovated by Paul Viarengo; it has been in his custody until he donated it to the museum on December 2, 2020. It appears that the sign may have had neon gas tubing at some point. The sign is part of our Black History exhibit.


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