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What is this fascination about collecting bottles?

What is this fascination about collecting bottles? Is it the beautiful shapes and colors? Perhaps you want to know the history of the bottle. Who made it and where? What was inside? Who used it? If you’re willing to get a little grubby digging in the dirt you can unearth small pieces of the past such as bits of china, buttons, buckles and such.

The excitement of finding an unbroken bottle is just the beginning. Learning you have discovered a bottle from the 18th or 19th centuries sparks the quest for information. There are dozens of categories of bottles in all shapes and sizes but fewer color choices.

In our collection we have a 1700’s madeira bottle, a diverse selection of 1800’s bottles that include apothecary, snuff, whimsy, wine, soda and mineral water bottles and more.

We also have soda bottles that were made in Orange (1930-1957) for “Red Rock Cola”, Carpenter’s Full Flavor”, “Old Colony”, “Orange Crush” and “Pepsi”. Enjoy the delightful whimsy bottle from 1845-1898 with the ladder-back chair and animal carving/stopper inside. This bottle is embossed with SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE, a chemist/druggist company that becomes Merck, Sharpe & Dohme in 1898.

Hope to see you soon.


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