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The first museum in the U.S. to honor our 4th President, Father of the Constitution, and author of the Bill of Rights, James Madison.  A blend of presidential, cultural and agricultural, the Museum houses a wonderful collection of the rich heritage of Orange County, Virginia.  Books, documents, costumes, furniture, farm equipment, presidential artifacts and a 1730's Patent ("Cube") House. There is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Our mission is to collect and preserve artifacts of the historic and cultural heritage of 18th-20th century Orange and the Piedmont, Virginia; and to memorialize, in particular, James Madison, Jr., 4th President of the United States, his life and times, and in his interest in and unique contributions to the fields of political theory and government, economics and agriculture.  Further, we honor Orange-born Maj. Gen. Zachary Taylor, our 12th President.


In our Hall of Agriculture & Transportation, guests enjoy the large collection of agricultural implements and 1732 cube house; testaments to the agrarian history of Orange.  Our Black History Room conveys the intertwined history of Black Americans from the American Revolution onward through Post-Emancipation.  The Madison Room displays numerous possessions of Madison and Taylor; along with artifacts of each of the eight Virginia-born presidents.  The Native American exhibit will hopefully inspire our guests to learn more about the first Americans and encourage research, education and dialogue.  Our Temporary Exhibit Room changes every few months - so come see what's on exhibit today!

letter of Intent
It is official!!! The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage Charters of Freedom setting will be built, Spring 2022.

There will only be 2 Charters of Freedom settings in Virginia until Foundation Forward finishes with North and South Carolina. The OC setting with have a little something extra -- will share with you at a later date!
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The James Madison Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with The Helen Marie Taylor Trust for the exclusive rights to offer ticketed tours of historic Bloomsbury. The tour dates, hours and admission fees will be publicized in the near future. Look for future details of a special event to be held during the Labor Day weekend that will share the architectural and varied history of Bloomsbury as well as a special fireworks celebration honoring Helen Marie Taylor.

Upcoming Events at the Museum

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Our Latest Exhibit

The Holladay Family of Orange, Virginia & Holladay House

Filled with intriguing medical equipment, lovely textiles, and lots of family history.  This exhibit will be removed for Native American Heritage Month, when we will be featuring some Stegara tools courtesy of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.